Thursday, 28 June 2012

still Alive!

Well its been a while, and possibly the busiest 6 months of my life.

I've started studying at Rigging Dojo. I'm currently 5 weeks into my first 6 week course on advance python scripting and it's been fantastic. I'm currently being mentored by Jason Parks and have found the whole experience incredibly motivating. The community is really supportive and the guys running the show are always taking a keen interest and giving personalised direction on what the students are working on. I can't recommend the place enough!

I've also been working on an animated short, set in Valve's Portal world. I am currently Lead Technical Animator and responsible for a team of around 5 tech artists rigging and creating production tools for the animation team. I'll show more of the work on this when we start making things public, but for now here is the portal gun rig I've been working on:

Rig Features include:

  • IK/FK prongs
  • Spline IK wires
  • Auto prong rivet correction (base of the prong)
  • Auto Prong Cage deformation
  • Detachable Panels